Avoiding mistakes when booking a courier service

Everyone in business wants to save money and improve their bottom line. Yet when it comes to getting their goods delivered they are enacting Einstein’s definition of insanity; expecting a different result from doing the same thing, over and over again.

Saving your business money when it comes to courier services isn’t that hard, and a few simple steps will save you a significant amount of money and more importantly, keep your customers happy.

  • Make sure you get the right kind of courier service – if you don’t know, ask.
  • Make sure you have the dimensions of the items to be delivered.
  • Know the weight of the item
  • Know the collection and delivery postcodes

The right kind of courier service is essential if you are looking to save yourself money getting something delivered. If it’s fragile or high value you will need a same day courier service. If it’s low value and durable a parcel courier or the local post office are the better options.

Knowing the dimensions of the item to be delivered means you will avoid parcel surcharges when getting your goods delivered. In the small print of the parcel couriers terms of business are the details of their extra charges. If you have an account you may not notice how many surcharges you are incurring each month for overweight items, incorrectly packages items and other things. There is money in those details – check them!

Knowing the weight of the item is vital to saving you money. You may find you are paying extra for an over-sized item that may be cheaper to send by same day courier services compared to a parcel service.

Knowing the collection and delivery postcodes is essential to getting an accurate price. London is a big city and you can pay more by not being specific.

Being accurate and being specific is the best way to avoid costly mistakes when you book your courier service. Remember this when you are looking to improve your bottom line and your customer’s delivery experience.


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