Check your tyres – Drive safe this winter

October is tyre safety month, so if you do one thing this October it should be to check your tyres. This year so far there has been 4,300 successful prosecutions of people driving with dangerous tyres.

Where the rubber meets the road, you gain traction. The tyre ‘grips’ the road and needs as much tread as possible. It also needs to be inflated to the correct level as well. Check your vehicles handbook or Haynes Manual for what it should be. If you have an iPhone there is even an app that will help Tyre Pressure iPhone app

It’s one job that everyone with a vehicle can do, with ease (along with topping up your screenwash). See the video to the right (Sarah made me do it, I insisted on wearing the hat though. A small rebellion.

A tyre should have at least 1.6mm of depth, and it should be uniform all around the wheel. If you have uneven wear you will still need to replace the tyre – weaknesses can lead to blow outs and punctures. Baldness even in a small place can lead you to skidding all over the place, especially on a wet road.

Some garages are offering free tyre checks,  if you are unsure of what to do pop in and let them take a look.

Safer driving starts with vehicle checks, before you even get behind the wheel.

Take care this winter.


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