Fireworks: Delivering without the bang!

Fireworks are generally not allowed to be delivered by couriers.  And if we could deliver them, it wouldn’t be like these guys do it 🙂

And as one blog writer puts it here…

Quick quiz: If you are a professional truck driver, a good thing to haul is

a) jelly doughnuts
b) bunny rabbits
c) designer shoes
d) highly explosive fireworks

You need specialist training to deliver fireworks, and if you are using a courier to do this, check the small print before suggesting they do not need the training… if you wrongly suggest they can deliver the fireworks and they have an accident where do you stand with your corporate manslaughter liabilities?

Be very careful not to get caught up in the small loads small print of  8.2.3 of ADR Link how VOSA and other agencies interpret may be different from how you do. To be quite blunt, a white diamond symbol does not mean you can transport and deliver fireworks as a courier.

There are no fireworks in the UK that can be carried by road for hire and reward without the courier and all members of the vehicle’s crew having had at the very least “awareness” training.

For large fireworks loads (and even small loads of fireworks in Transport Category 1) full ADR training will is essential.

Don’t  get caught out this bonfire night, don’t endanger yourself when making your deliveries. Make your bucks without the bang!


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