“But I can drive it there myself, cheaper…”

Is something we often hear as same day couriers, from frustrated customers who don’t really understand the value of their own time.

For example last week we were asked to quote to deliver a passport to Bristol, urgently required for identification purposes. If the recipient failed to have sufficient identification ie the passport then they couldn’t attend an exam. Failing to attend the exam would mean no pay rise and the extra £5k a year the pass would bring was needed by the family.

So the exam attendee asked their partner to get the passport couriered down to them.

We were one of the courier companies asked to provide a quote which we did, only to get the exasperated response “But I can drive it there myself, cheaper” and the obvious answer is, yes you can but what are you not doing with that time, that you should be?

Remember what it costs you to fill up as an ordinary motorist? A commercial vehicle takes more fuel, it costs more. Then we have insurance. Sure you can send your wife/partner/personal assistant on a delivery but what happens if they have an accident? First off are they even covered by the insurance that you have? What happens if you are prosecuted for corporate manslaughter if you don’t have the right insurances?

There is more to delivery than just getting in a car or van and driving, and if as a customer you don’t understand that then you will always be thinking ”But I can drive it there myself, cheaper…”.

Start valuing your own time at the correct rate, if you can afford to take 7 hours off to drive to Bristol and back in a day and nothing gets neglected then go for it, if not; call us.


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