Goodbye Edward Stobart

Sad news today for the freight and transport industry, Edward Stobart, known to many as Eddie Stobart’s face before selling the family business over to his brother.

A spokesman for Stobart Group said: “Edward built Eddie Stobart Ltd into the iconic brand and business we know today before selling the company to brother William and business partner Andrew Tinkler in 2004.

“William Stobart continues the family involvement in his role as chief operating officer of Stobart Group.

It’s sad as Edward was just 56 years old, although he had a history of heart trouble (according to some reports) you’d like to think he’d be trucking into his 90′s.

Of course the Stobarts the haulage company will be run as normal and you’ll continue to see his legacy on the road.

Sending his family our condolences.


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