What to do if the Easter Bunny doesn’t deliver

Easter Bunnies are temperamental bunnies. They have the second most important delivery job. They know Santa has the most important delivery job but he has reindeer to help him and elves, so the Easter bunny can get a little grouchy when it comes to delivery.

Preparing the garden for your Easter egg delivery.

The Easter Bunny prefers a nice neat garden, make sure you have removed any stinging nettles so the bunny can just bounce straight up to the house. Make sure you keep your cats well fed, and your dogs in the lounge. Although the Easter bunny is bigger than your cat or dog it will be nervous around them and you don’t want their little tail twitching and breaking a chair or a sofa.

He loves Daffodils, snowdrops and crocuses so if your garden is in bloom you may see him making his deliveries – he’ll stop to smell the flowers. This gives you time to move the cat and the dog.

Sometimes the Easter bunny will be playful and deliver the eggs to the garden and you’ll have to hunt around looking for them. Trees, sheds, patios and barbeques are popular places. I’d check the barbeques first if I was you, you don’t want the eggs to melt.

Delivery times

The Easter bunny has been known to get so busy delivering eggs that sometimes they don’t arrive until after lunch. We find that egss arriving after lunch are much more enjoyable than the breakfast eggs.

He appreciates the odd carrot left on the patio.

Non arrival of the Easter Bunny

If you are a teenager or adult the Easter Bunny will no longer deliver to you. He loves seeing the little ones get their chocolate treat but he thinks once you are a teen (or older) you can get your own eggs.

It may be because last year you forgot to leave the carrot on the patio or you don’t mow the grass properly. You can find out the exact reasons from the Head Bunny, he’ll ping you an email.

Happy Easter from all of us at Arrow Light Haulage & Courier Services.

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