Delivering wedding gifts

Today’s blog is rather topical – delivering wedding gifts.

First congrats to Kate and William, we hope your day goes well and that your married lives  are filled with happiness.

Second, who is going to move all the gifts after the wedding?

In the case of the Royal wedding their will be staff on hand to pack the gifts up and transport them back to their new home. Their biggest problem is loading the vehicles safely so that items are not broken.

For not so affluent newlyweds  family help out and transport items back to their home. Again careful loading needs to take place.

If you have your gifts in a room at a hotel, be careful!

It has been known for a distracted receptionist to allow the wrong people in to collect the wedding gifts and for the gifts never to bee seen again! That’s no way to start a relationship.  Collecting gifts from a room in a hotel will always be precarious for just one person, the room is open, the vehicle is in the car park and it can take time to load and reload. Be vigilant and get help!

Larger wedding gifts can always be delivered direct to the bride and groom, along with any really valuable items.

Anyone need a Tiara delivering?


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