Transporting a motorbike?

Well, we don’t do it like this!

2 people are required to load a motorbike safely, but one person can unload it. Firstly the bike is lifted on to our vehicle via a tail lift. The bike is moved so the front wheel faces the rear shutter of the van. Close the shutter (with yourself still inside), apply the front brake, push down hard on the suspension. Your assistant will will strap the bike to the floor hook, wrapping it around the handlebars and then securing it to the other floor hook, making sure its extremely tight.

Release the brake and with another strap, secure the passengers hand grip. This will stabilise the bike ready for transportation. It doesn’t need to be covered as its securely strapped.

To do it any other way risks damage to the indicators and the engine. You will need a transit sized van or above.

If it seems to much hassle, give us a call, we happily transport Motorbikes, Quadbikes and similar items through out the country.



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