Packing a Chandelier to send by post or a parcel company

Firstly, I wouldn’t send a chandelier by post unless I really had to, with a high value, fragile item I would always opt for a dedicated courier vehicle. These carry higher insurances and have nothing else on the vehicle except for your item, making it less likely to get damaged.

Sometimes, you need to send it via the post or an Essex, Kent, East London parcel company such as Arrow Light Haulage.  So to get it there in one piece, find a box big enough for the chandelier and the packaging.  You will need to remember if the item is over 25kgs it will need to be lifted by 2 people – HSE rules.

Wrap all the loose parts with bubble wrap and tape securely. Place gently onto a polystyrene base and then fill with polystyrene chips or popcorn. Place another polystyrene bad gently on the top of the Chandelier, taking care not to damage the item. before you secure the box, check that the item isn’t ratting around in the box, if it is add more chips and perhaps pad out with scrunched up balls of newspaper.

When the Chandelier is secure, tape the box closed and write on the box in marker pen, the address. Why not a label? because a label may get torn, or damaged and your item may get ‘lost’ in the system.

If you don’t want to pack it yourself, we can do this as part of our premium services. Just give us a call on and we will discuss how we can help you.


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