The 6 golden rules for obtaining your courier /delivery quote

When you need something couriering or delivered, there are 6 essential pieces of information that you need to supply to get a fast, accurate and trouble free quote…

We need to know what the item is that is being delivered. Is it Fragile? Is it temperature controlled? is it chemical? or is it general freight that has no special requirements?
We need to know the collection Postcode, at least the first four digits
We need to know the delivery Postcode or Zipcode in the instance of European delivery
We need to know the weight of your item, freight or cargo
We need to know the Length, Width and Height (Dimensions) of the combined items if packaged by yourself, or each individual item if packaged by us.
Preferred collection and delivery dates

This is so we can give you a choice of services, as in express / same day courier, parcel delivery or standard courier freight services. This obviously will impact on the prices you are given. The longer the delivery window, the cheaper the delivery generally is. If you require specialist courier and delivery services, we can quote for those too.

All of this information can be given by phone on 0844 884 3331 or emailed to us at and will allow us to respond swiftly with an accurate quote. If it is urgent and has to be there today, you can always call me on my mobile.

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