Essex Couriers featured in Courier Direct Magazine!

This month Arrow Light Haulage, the Essex courier company has been featured in another trade press magazine, this time Courier Direct. We’re thrilled to have recognition from our peers. But it wasn’t as easy as we thought….

Writing the responses to the interview questions was left, as we were unusually busy for the time of year, to the last minute. It was then we realised that Kev didn’t have a decent photo to send for the article we decided to take our own and that made for an amusing half hour… why is it that a photographer can get such good shots? and when we try we look like one of the muppets? We would just have to send them a photograph from when we picked our Basildon Business Award.

Well, after such faffing about we spoke to the magazine and they asked for our quarter page ad. What ad? we replied, with a sinking feeling in our hearts. The quarter page advert for your business, that ad… oh that ad!  and can we have it by Midday please… we should have never have left it to the last minute, we should have done it over the weekend and then we would have been prepared. How does that work? As  couriers we are prepared for almost all delivery eventualities from freight hiccups to cargo handling, yet when it comes to getting something together for a printed magazine all the organisational skills go out of the window! Isn’t there a law for these happenings? Murphy’s? Pareto’s? Netwon’s?

After this musing, our white knight rode in to help us, Barbara Saul our internet marketing strategy expert, who also happens to be a talented web designer. Babs kicked us into touch and sorted us out with our logo (now in our corporate green and gold colours, instead of blue) and a lovely quarter page advert that looks great. Thanks Babs!

Kevin and Sarah

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