Had Your Parcel Slung Over a Fence Lately?

I have just been reading this article from the Bournemouth Echo about a delivery driver and his off hand delivery manner. This is a first class example of a delivery gone bad, what’s more its in the local paper for all to see.

A PARCEL marked fragile was shot-putted over a six foot fence by a specialist delivery company, according to the furious man who received it.

Guy Penwarden, 50, of Churchill Road, Parkstone, said he only realised he had a delivery from City Link after going to investigate an mighty crash.

He told the Daily Echo he saw a delivery van heading off down the road, then discovered the battered parcel at the base of the fence.

He said: Despite the fact that all surfaces were marked fragile, it had clearly been shot-putted over the fence, and had smashed on the driveway.

Fortunately the contents were not a priceless gift, but tins of organic dog food for his pet Bruno, which arrived dented.

He said: It is all replaceable, but it makes me wonder how many other parcels are getting destroyed by City Link.

He added: I think it’s disgusting. Had it been a computer or something it would have been ruined.

He also questioned if the delivery driver had looked before dropping the 20lb parcel over the fence into the garden where his dog plays.

Source: Delivery man flung parcel like shot-put From Bournemouth Echo

Some questions remain unanswered – how did the driver obtain a signature for the parcel? How did he ’shot putt’ a huge box? Why leave it in the garden and not leave a collection card? If the customer heard the parcel crash, why didn’t the driver try the doorbell first?

I do wonder if the larger companies actually give their drivers some customer service training and explain just because they may not be in when the delivery takes place, it doesn’t give them the right to be less than professional with a parcel.

What exactly does driver training entail? Do large companies only focus on the driving aspect and not the delivery aspect? Safe and green driving practices are good but if you have to redeliver a damaged parcel then it’s not exactly effective.


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