Using a courier that thinks….

Of course everyone thinks, including most same day courier and home delivery drivers. Just as well, because for everyone that uses there brain there must be ten that don’t!

I read and hear stories all the time about how a delivery driver stamped on a package, threw it in the van and it broke and often they leave it in an unsecure place.

I used to belong to a book club who used a certain courier, on one occasion their courier left a package of books outside the door in the rain and the books got soaked. So I had to send them back.

It’s very frustrating when that happens.

Some of the problems can be eliminated when you book your courier. Simply you tell them what the items are to be delivered. Ask them if they have delivered similar before. Ask them if they have insurance and if your item is covered by insurance. Ask them if they have ever had anyone claim through their insurance (if it happens often, do you really want them delivering your goods?)

If you just pick up the phone and ask for a quote, you don’t know what you are getting service or delivery wise.


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