The mysteries of a same day courier quote explained

Ever rang for a quote from a courier and thought “how much!” and then spent the next hour ringing round trying to get it cheaper? Did you find it? Did you find the right service before you asked for a quote?

Finding the right courier and service is essential. If you want to send a letter you take it to the post office. If you want to send a valuable tender document out of hours, then you call an express or same day courier.
Often people confuse the services of a parcel carrier with that of a courier.

A parcel carrier will deliver your item in 24 to 48 hours and they are dependent on volume.

A same day courier charges by distance traveled, so whether you send an envelope of a pallet, the cost would be the same.

Quotes also depend on the items value, the Royal Mail insure to the value of £2.5k same day couriers often to the value of 10k, we have insurance to the value of 30k.

So next time you call a courier service and describe something as urgent, think… is it really? and if it really is, be prepared to pay same day prices, no courier in their right mind would be able to travel 200 miles for just £20. What / where else could your items be going? What condition would your goods arrive in?

If you ask for the right service, you will get an accurate quote and not have to spend hours on the phone chasing for the lowest price.


PS remember, service wise – you get what you pay for!

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