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You may have seen my tweets on it – we have made a video for our business in conjunction with Business Video Production. It was a prize that we won in a competition, on BT Tradespace – if you are not there already but would like to be, please email me / message me and I shall send you a referral email.

Today, just moments a go I downloaded the high quality version and I am really thrilled with the end result!

Making a business video was something that I thought about, but never really followed through with. It was pointed out to me that many of the people that booked our services would also look on youtube, use it like a search engine. When I did a search I found lots of spoof videos or ones that showed how parcel depots worked. Uk courier companies didn’t seem to be keen to use video to promote their businesses!

When I got the phonecall announcing we had won this opportunity, I was stunned and quiet, very quiet. Yes I know, unbelievable  Happy to chat online, but face to face I can be quite shy, and yes I used to run a pub… but that isn’t the real me and now I could be seen by anyone… anyone who was interested. I didn’t eat for a week! I then thought about it, Kevin is the face of the business, if it was a person he would be it’s brain and soul so it really should have more of him in it than me! Yay! I am off the hook.
My husband Kevin talks about his business and Pat from Pepperpot Couriers talks about our business relationship. It gives a strong, positive vibe about our business.

When we were filming it I was a bit apprehensive, and they filmed us with the sound recording but don’t use the sound in the video… so somewhere there is a recording full of courier banter  It took a while to film, even though the video itself is just 2 minutes long… and even longer to edit it as I am notoriously hard to please! Kevin and Pat were great, yes am still worried about that soundtrack  and lip readers…

Richard Coulson the chap that managed the project for us was a brilliant help, full of ideas and advice. Even if he ignored my requests for a sultry film noir, only teasing Richard!

I shall upload the video version in the video onto our website, when its available as Richard has kindly said he would put it on YouTube for me.

Please feel free to tell me your thoughts and whether it conveys our companies message. Also would you consider having a video made?

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