A Courier for your Gym Equipment

With summer almost upon us, people turn to getting fit. With gym equipment bargains to be had on Ebay, BT Tradespace and other online stores, the next consideration is the courier for delivery

What can be moved by same day or overnight courier?

  • Exercise bikes
  • Rowing machine
  • Bench Press
  • Elliptical trainers
  • Treadmills
  • Weight machine
  • Star climbers


Ideally items would be dismantled and in their original packaging, it makes it easier to load and strap into place. It it’s unable to be sent  in it’s original packaging, then we can still collect and deliver for you – it can be wrapped in our soft felt blankets.

Gym equipment for the parcel networks

  • Exercise balls
  • Exercise bands
  • Chin bars
  • Some abdominal trainers
  • Some small weights

When packing weights for transportation you need to make sure the box can take the combined weights and packaging is strong enough and that the box won’t collapse when lifted. Exercise balls need to be defalted for posting and abdominable trainers need to fit in a box, but be sure they are not putting you over the volumetric weight that your parcel company takes.

If you require any advice about getting your gym equipment please give us a call on 0844 884 3331


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