When it all goes wrong – we still deliver

Wednesday was a difficult day for our same day courier and delivery business. It started off very well, two contracts were due to start and we were prepping our drivers with the new requirements. Two of our biggest ad hoc / express delivery customers were booking in jobs and we had all four of the fleet out, on the road.

At midday just before the new contracts were about to start our daughter collapsed, in a heap on the floor. We were stunned, she had been a bit quiet but no other indication that she was unwell.

It was surprising how fast the ‘emergency’ action plan (which up until now had just been spoken about) kicked in. Sarah took our most precious delivery to the hospital and I organised the afternoon remotely, using the phone and mobile internet. I could be right at their side whilst still keeping my finger on the pulse, thanks to the systems being in place.

Our new and existing customers are very happy – it was excellent service as usual. Our precious package was fine – she has flu and not meningitis as Sarah was convinced.

I was relieved, how do you know your emergency systems will work? no amount of dry runs can prepare you for the moment they have to be implemented.

I spoke to one of the new customers that day and she was laughing that I had been sitting all day in the garden getting a sun tan… I didn’t disillusion her and say where I actually was – it was business as usual, for all of our team.



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