Delivering stolen goods: “And do you have any proof you own that Rolex?”

Last week was a bit tumultuous: riots and stolen, looted goods on the increase.

That makes life a little more interesting for us  providers of same day courier services.  We don’t deliver stolen goods and we have to do some due diligence before we take bookings to deliver high value goods. On Monday we get a phone call “hello, can you deliver a Rolex Oyster, approx value £15k?”

“Of course we can. Is it your watch?”


“well who does the watch belong to?”

“Why do you need to know?”

“We are not allowed to deliver stolen goods and therefore we need to know that you or the person we are delivering the watch to actually owns it”

“Great to see you are doing your due diligence and checking us out, this is xxx Police force and we have recovered a Rolex and as it’s a high value item so we can’t send it by a parcel courier. Yes, the item was stolen, it’s now being returned. You are the first courier company that has asked us any questions…”

Well we delivered the Rolex, the owner was thrilled to have it returned and we’re thrilled to be delivering good news. If we hadn’t of asked some questions we could have been in serious trouble.  Part of the reason we are so good at what we do is we take the time to make sure our staff and business are protected.

Have you had to take extra precautions due to the riots?


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