But isn’t haulage what you do Sarah?

Err, actually no it isn’t.

I was reading a blog post the other day about headlines and it happened to mention that if you were in haulage you should mention haulage as a keyword in your headline. The comments were closed, which was a shame (can’t leave a comment there) and as that is often a technique to get links back to the post I have decided you will just have to take my word for it when I say there was this post about…

I wrote a post about haulage and why people search that phrase a few months back. It was after a call from an SEO expert to tell me I was missing all these qualified leads… hundreds, thousands… trillions of leads all because I was not optimised for the word haulage. I’ll excuse you for yawning because it is going to get boring now. When you want something delivered you type a few things in your search box – flower delivery, pram delivery, courier delivery, shed delivery, ebay delivery and you get more relevant search results. No one is looking to a hire a haulier and the only people who type haulage in the search box are people looking to flog me a fuel card.

Even though we have been trading 10 years people still treat couriers as idiots and incapable of changing fuel cards if they are unhappy. No, they imagine we are so busy from all those lovely haulage related phone calls that we need a phone call to change our fuel card supplier. The reality is different, we are a very proactive business. We want something we just go right out and source it from our suppliers. And we don’t optimise for a word that doesn’t bring us business. It’s a waste of energy.

As a business we are all about efficiency. Faster, sleeker delivery. Relevant business services to our market place and our delivery services have different names to capture people seeking those kinds of logistical solutions.

So in a nutshell, haulage isn’t what I do.

Think back to companies like Cadbury. Does Cadbury indicate what they do? Nope. Virgin? Amstrad? Not every company name reflects their services and products.  I will be totally honest here, a lot of our suppliers are relationship based. We get to know them and they get to know us, which means they know what we do. Assumptions in all businesses are dangerous and assuming that I do haulage and should be mentioning it causes us both problems. I’ll assume that you are a fool and you’ll assume my 22 years in business were spent polishing vans.

We’re both wrong and that does neither of us any favours.


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