Wrap up! It’s cold out there! #WinterIsComing

Lots of bad weather warnings on the radio and in the news at the moment. Last night was very stormy and there were three accidents on the M25 this morning caused by poor driving conditions.

If you are driving at all in the next few days go and add some extras to the boot of your car.

  • Blankets
  • Chocolate bars / Tracker bars
  • Water
  • A torch
  • Batteries for the torch
  • A mobile phone charger that fits in your cigarette lighter.
  • Socks and an extra jumper

It may sound silly, but it’s cold out there, and you could be stuck in jams or have an accident. Take the extras just in case. We hope you never need them. It’s fine weather for the penguins but not for us.

Stay safe and if you can avoid driving make sure you do.


Return Home.

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