51 things awesome things learned from delivering the goods

My friend in Spain @grahunt recently posted about the 51 things he learned from selling Spanish Property this year. I thought that it was an interesting post and I could share with my readers the 51 things that I have learned from delivering the freight and other things this year.

  1. Some of our customers really care about getting their good delivered intact
  2. A minority of our clients are not bothered about delivery
  3. New customers find our excellent service saves them money in the long term
  4. We have had 100% delivery success rates this year
  5. We delivered wedding cakes 200 miles in the snow so a happy occasion was perfect
  6. Our drivers keep their clothes on
  7. Our drivers are more than warm and breathing
  8. We have delivered more furniture this year
  9. More couriers have arrived on Twitter – Yay!
  10. They still spam people as they can’t be bothered to learn how to use Twitter
  11. More couriers are blogging – Yay!
  12. They still write adverts rather than a proper blog post
  13. More US companies steal my content than UK based couriers (ask for a guest post chaps, I don’t bite unless you are a thief)
  14. More clients are searching and finding us on LinkedIn – thank you Andy Lopata
  15. We still get cupcake ladies ring up and get shocked at the price of delivery
  16. Fuel saving guides are popular, you can still grab a free copy
  17. Video drives me nuts…
  18. My parents still don’t understand what I do for the company
  19. And it’s not haulage
  20. Kev’s parents tell people he is unemployed rather than he has run a transport company for nearly 10 years
  21. It’s hard to guest blog about transport
  22. It’s great to talk to so many long term, happy customers on a daily basis
  23. I never get to deliver for Disney to Paris. Another driver always gets that job
  24. A great deal of satisfaction delivering medical equipment
  25. I spend a lot of time educating people about the diverse price range when it comes to delivery
  26. No breakages this year, no breakages ever now that I mention it
  27. Parcel delivery and how it works still confuse some people
  28. Customers have yet to realise that they shouldn’t send food or liquids through the mail service
  29. Parcel companies are less than honest when it comes to telling people about what’s covered by insurance and what is not
  30. We still deliver wine to restaurants, public houses and other locations
  31. We are winning more contracts, I think the 100% perfect and no failed deliveries help
  32. Networking is fun, yes we are back sponsoring Business Scene in Essex
  33. We don’t deliver stolen goods
  34. Despite people being gently educated that we are not hauliers but same day couriers, they still insist on telling me I don’t rank for the phrase haulage (and that I am missing out on 6 trillion searches…)
  35. Next day delivery isn’t always next day delivery
  36. Some companies will hire in staff to deal transport issues and extra customer service staff and pay for more staff training rather than spend a little extra on their delivery. It’s a false economy.
  37. Couriers on Twitter are happy to inform me that I am idle as I spend time chatting there. Ha! I wish…
  38. Our Complete Courier Guide is still popular
  39. I let one of team post on the blog…. yes I did…  Summer driving with your clothes on
  40. That post reassured a lot of new customers of our professionalism
  41. It also made a lot of male readers cringe
  42. One of our blog posts was featured as an article in the 4Networking community magazine. Thanks Guys
  43. Customers still request “cheap” delivery as they don’t understand the value of professional delivery. I am thinking of ringing those looking for cheap and haggling their prices for what they do, down.
  44. We have our own Google plus page
  45. We delivered in the snow last year, it was challenging.
  46. We guest posted about what white van men eat in their sandwiches
  47. The Moving Check List – keep yourself and your movers organised is very popular as it’s incredibly useful
  48. Referrals are welcome but our friends still struggle with what same day delivery actually is!
  49. Writing about transport can be tough at times but we still do it and we win customers by doing it
  50. Competitors really ought to have a better comment strategy than “nice post”.
  51. If it really is an urgent delivery pick up the phone. After all you wouldn’t tweet the fire brigade if your house was burning down.

Any that I have missed? Leave us a comment.


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