3 ways in which your goods get damaged prior to delivery

It’s been a while since I have written about how things get damaged before they get to your doorstep.

I’ve mentioned numerous times throughout this blog that packaging is important when getting your goods delivered intact. If you put a heavy item into a box that isn’t very robust, you’ll be lucky to have a package left by the time it reaches you. It’s just basic physics…

Heavy item + weak box = goods broken in transit.

Quite often the items bounce around inside the packaging and come loose in the parcel delivery system. Robust packaging is the key.

The second way is by sending a substance or item through the parcel system that shouldn’t go through it.

We all know food, liquids and aerosols shouldn’t be sent via the postal system but that doesn’t stop people doing it. So, imagine this scenario… someone sends an aerosol through the postal system. It gets placed to that heavy item in a flimsy box. How long do you think it will be before the heavy item breaks through and damages the aerosol? That’s two items (minimum) that are damaged.

The third way is in the sorting warehouse. As I mention in the recentFedex deliver like this” href=”http://arrowlighthaulage.co.uk/arrowblog/2176/why-its-your-fault-fedex-deliver-like-this/”> Fedex post Nothing has changed since people got outraged about the first guy throwing parcels across the warehouse. The parcel companies pay minimum wage, they work their staff hard.

Yep, parcels get thrown around in the warehouse.

I always tell clients that their packaging is secure if it can be drop kicked over a fence and land unbroken. They think I am joking but the soon realise that I’m not.

Now a lot of this, no make that all of this, won’t happen if you use a same day delivery service. It’s an entirely different courier service to the type that’s cheap and cheerful. The key to goods arriving unbroken is to use the right type of courier service for your delivery.

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