Why do customers call us?

The last few weeks have been quiet business wise, for our business that’s an opportunity to ask our existing customers a few questions. the first question that I start with is is – “Why did you call us?”

The responses that come back are interesting:

“Because we felt like we know you”

“Because you seem friendly”

“Because you know what you are doing”

It’s refreshing too see that no one was calling because they wanted a better price but picking up the phone for other reasons. As a same day courier service we pride ourselves in many of our business aspects- adding value and saving money long term are our two main concerns as if we are totally honest, anyone with a van can think and call themselves a courier service.

In September we enter our tenth year of trading, we’ve delivered some amazing things

  • Heart rate equipment
  • Medical items
  • Computers
  • Car components
  • Production line items

Yet if you look at the list you might not think those items are amazing.  Let’s take those computers for a moment. A new PC costs around £500 these days, but how much does the data it hold cost? How hard would it be to replace? We recently collected and delivered an innocent looking laptop. The laptop contained data and evidence that helped put three people into prison for some serious crimes.

Then we have the reclining chairs that we deliver. For some people the act of sitting down and getting up again can be really tough. Riser chairs help a person stand and sit with ease. Delivering and installing these give us a real sense of purpose, that we are doing something really cool when we deliver stuff for people.

I have to say my favourite reason that people call us to deliver is the “it’s because you know what you are doing”.  For a lot of us, that’s the reason we are in business.


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