Cars, Roads and Sat Navs

Whether you have been driving for years or have just purchased your very first vehicle, you might be interested in the plethora of interesting statistics featured in the infographic. With shocking figures such as the amount of damage caused to cars by drivers trying to following misleading sat-nav directions to the sheer volume of cars on the UK roads; over 31 million!

Pot holes together with general wear and tear on a daily basis means all car drivers need to get to know a good garage in the area that can perform a full service that doesn’t leave you speechless after one look at the final bill. Take the time to listen to recommendations and conduct your own research on the average price of certain parts for your car to make sure you are not being taken for a ride in the event of something needing a repair or replacement.

So if you are one of the 53.8% that passed their driving test then make sure you keep calm and composed on those roads, even when the M1 is backed up!

Sophie works alongside Prestige car servicing and makes sure her car undergoes a full service every year by the same trusted to keep things running smoothly.

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