Can a courier deliver late at night?

Up until recently a same day courier company would deliver when instructed to by their customer.

But now customers have something else to consider when booking their delivery – whether it will be too late for the recipient and whether it breaches their privacy.

A complaint was made to the regulator and then to the Complaints Commissioner in relation to a courier sent by the FSA which delivered a package to the complainant’s husband at 9pm at night.

The complainant said the courier banged on the door and disturbed her and her children during the process of delivering a package of 5,000 pages of documents to the complainant’s husband who was under investigation by the FSA.

She claimed the regulator had acted in a manner which did not have “any regard for [my] or [my] family’s privacy and Human Rights”.

The complainant requested a “formal written apology and an ex-gratia payment for the upset and inconvenience caused by [the member of the enforcement team] and the FSA.”

Something that Business to Business customers need to take into account when booking their courier service.


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