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Delivering in London without getting a ticket

Part two of our guest blog from Nick Parkin owner of the Pimlico flats blog and community. Something we would all need to know, how to park in London and NOT get a ticket.

How to Deliver in London without collecting a ticket.

  1. Make it obvious you are loading/unloading – leave an empty cardboard box in a loading place. Having said all that – I did see a joiner cutting plywood from the back of his van, he cut a piece – took it in to nail it up and came out to find he was clamped! If you are present and loading a warden will probably speak to you instead of ticketing.
  2. For an easy life find a loading bay, or ask your delivery destination if they have a bay you can stay in temporarily.
  3. If you have no alternative but to stop illegally – be unobtrusive. If you double bank you will stand out for as far as there is a line of sight and draw wardens in from far and wide.
  4. If you have no alternative but to stop illegally – be inoffensive. If you block traffic, neighbours,  or are dangerous, you may face more than just a ticket.
  5. Check Doorways, the private parking wardens hide near commercial delivery points.
  6. Keep an eye out, in busy areas you may need to see your van every 60 secs. In quiet residential areas of central London the longest you can expect to survive illegally parked without a ticket is around 15 mins.
  7. Ask bystanders to watch your van for you, but be sure that you are within shouting distance.
  8. You stand a better survival chance close to the end of parking restrictions, and are most likely to be ticketed at 09:00 – 10:00.

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How to move a car / van / lorry engine.

Whilst there are no specific requirements when moving an engine, it helps to prepare the engine first. In theory you could remove it from a vehicle and ‘throw’ it in the back of a van and it would get to it’s destination in one piece.


Here’s how to do it properly…

It’s advisable to remove all liquids, prior to engine removal.
That includes all coolants and oils.

When it’s removed, using soft rags plug the holes left by the hoses and pipes – this prevents residues leaking in the van and staining / damaging the van floor.

Where possible place the engine onto a plastic pallet, this is so that it if there is any spillage it can be easily removed and the pallet used again. A wooden pallet in this instance isn’t re-usuable.


It may be worth wrapping the engine in recycled plastic sheeting for it’s journey.

Secure the engine to the pallet using metal or plastic straps.

Be very careful if you are looking to co-load an engine with food, cardboard, any porous materials as it can contaminate and damage other items in transit.


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The mysteries of a same day courier quote explained

Ever rang for a quote from a courier and thought “how much!” and then spent the next hour ringing round trying to get it cheaper? Did you find it? Did you find the right service before you asked for a quote?

Finding the right courier and service is essential. If you want to send a letter you take it to the post office. If you want to send a valuable tender document out of hours, then you call an express or same day courier.
Often people confuse the services of a parcel carrier with that of a courier.

A parcel carrier will deliver your item in 24 to 48 hours and they are dependent on volume.

A same day courier charges by distance traveled, so whether you send an envelope of a pallet, the cost would be the same.

Quotes also depend on the items value, the Royal Mail insure to the value of £2.5k same day couriers often to the value of 10k, we have insurance to the value of 30k.

So next time you call a courier service and describe something as urgent, think… is it really? and if it really is, be prepared to pay same day prices, no courier in their right mind would be able to travel 200 miles for just £20. What / where else could your items be going? What condition would your goods arrive in?

If you ask for the right service, you will get an accurate quote and not have to spend hours on the phone chasing for the lowest price.


PS remember, service wise – you get what you pay for!

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Coming soon… our new video

You may have seen my tweets on it – we have made a video for our business in conjunction with Business Video Production. It was a prize that we won in a competition, on BT Tradespace – if you are not there already but would like to be, please email me / message me and I shall send you a referral email.

Today, just moments a go I downloaded the high quality version and I am really thrilled with the end result!

Making a business video was something that I thought about, but never really followed through with. It was pointed out to me that many of the people that booked our services would also look on youtube, use it like a search engine. When I did a search I found lots of spoof videos or ones that showed how parcel depots worked. Uk courier companies didn’t seem to be keen to use video to promote their businesses!

When I got the phonecall announcing we had won this opportunity, I was stunned and quiet, very quiet. Yes I know, unbelievable  Happy to chat online, but face to face I can be quite shy, and yes I used to run a pub… but that isn’t the real me and now I could be seen by anyone… anyone who was interested. I didn’t eat for a week! I then thought about it, Kevin is the face of the business, if it was a person he would be it’s brain and soul so it really should have more of him in it than me! Yay! I am off the hook.
My husband Kevin talks about his business and Pat from Pepperpot Couriers talks about our business relationship. It gives a strong, positive vibe about our business.

When we were filming it I was a bit apprehensive, and they filmed us with the sound recording but don’t use the sound in the video… so somewhere there is a recording full of courier banter  It took a while to film, even though the video itself is just 2 minutes long… and even longer to edit it as I am notoriously hard to please! Kevin and Pat were great, yes am still worried about that soundtrack  and lip readers…

Richard Coulson the chap that managed the project for us was a brilliant help, full of ideas and advice. Even if he ignored my requests for a sultry film noir, only teasing Richard!

I shall upload the video version in the video onto our website, when its available as Richard has kindly said he would put it on YouTube for me.

Please feel free to tell me your thoughts and whether it conveys our companies message. Also would you consider having a video made?

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Couriers and communication

This week we started with two new customers. We also added an XLWB to our fleet to enable taking more pallets / awkward shaped items for delivery.

Both our new customers have a defined set of procedures and as always included in the communications process. We deliver urgent and express same day items for them, and one has already expressed the delight at the cost savings they are making.

Communications for one of our new customers has been a complete revelation, they are not used to couriers that communicate and are really liking the difference that working with us provides.

So, a good week all round especially in a time – starting new contracts – which can be difficult. So, thanks team.

It’s good to know who professional you are and it’s good to have feedback from our customers about this.


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Furniture Couriers and delivery

Do you need a furniture courier? do you have items of furniture that you have bought from a store, free-cycled or ebayed?

  • Sofa
  • Chairs
  • Antiques
  • Sideboards
  • Dressers
  • Beds
  • Cabinets
  • Desks and other items of office furniture

Arrow Light Haulage the Essex based same day courier company are happy to quote to move your items. Whether they are high value or sentimental value, we look after them as if they are our own.

All our furniture deliveries are wrapped in felt blankets if they are not packaged already, then strapped to the vehicle – so they don’t slip and slide in transit.

Whether it’s one item or a houseful, we can offer you help and a two man team if items are really heavy.


0844 884 3331

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Couriers that deliver on Saturday

As a same day courier service, we are happy to deliver to customers on a weekend. The advantages of this for the customer are :-

  • No need to take a days leave to wait in for your delivery
  • Quicker – less traffic or the driver to sit in!
  • No congestion fees if delivery is within the zone

So, does your delivery happen on your terms?

If you are not sure if this is available, then ask your company – if it’s not, you know where we are.


PS we can collect items and store them safely and securely on a weekday, for prompt weekend delivery.

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When to use a medical courier

If you are looking are a Healthcare company, an NHS Trust, a medical supplies company  looking to change companies or a starting a medical supplies business, then delivery is one of the most important aspects.

Components and parts of medical equipment can be very sensitive and fragile, so the right transportation and courier service is essential.  It may be your delivery needs to be scheduled around operating theater times and are time critical. It’s essential what ever your needs are that you have a medical courier service that understands your requirements and more importantly will inform you if it’s beyond their remit –  in this instance time really does mean  lives are saved.

It could be you are looking to get vital medicines to a patient and your regular or staff courier is busy, it could be that the items need to be delivered out of hours, again not a problem.

It could be you would just like an x ray or confidential medical documents delivered to a specific department or GP surgery, whatever your requirements you need to talk to someone who knows what they are doing and has a good understanding of the courier industry and healthcare requirements.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call, it can really make the difference between life and death.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your patients and customers, get it right first time. We do.


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Using a courier that thinks….

Of course everyone thinks, including most same day courier and home delivery drivers. Just as well, because for everyone that uses there brain there must be ten that don’t!

I read and hear stories all the time about how a delivery driver stamped on a package, threw it in the van and it broke and often they leave it in an unsecure place.

I used to belong to a book club who used a certain courier, on one occasion their courier left a package of books outside the door in the rain and the books got soaked. So I had to send them back.

It’s very frustrating when that happens.

Some of the problems can be eliminated when you book your courier. Simply you tell them what the items are to be delivered. Ask them if they have delivered similar before. Ask them if they have insurance and if your item is covered by insurance. Ask them if they have ever had anyone claim through their insurance (if it happens often, do you really want them delivering your goods?)

If you just pick up the phone and ask for a quote, you don’t know what you are getting service or delivery wise.


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What you need to factor into being ready for your courier

When do you book your courier? Is it dependent on what type of service you need? When your goods are ready to be moved? or do you give it a few days notice?

If you leave it till the goods are ready, you could land up with a hefty waiting time bill, if something goes wrong at the last minute. This is most likely to happen when waiting for printed materials to dry and then be loaded. What can you do to prevent your same day courier costs going through the roof? Often it’s as easy as telling them what items are going to be transported, as the more experienced courier can then factor in prep and drying time, and make the drivers aware of the possibility of waiting when they come to collect.

So when you are thinking about transport costs, do you factor in all that you should?


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