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Courier 2.0 part deux, The Final Delivery….

Yesterday I blogged about our introduction as a courier company into the world of web 2.0 you can read that here – Courier 2.0

After BT Tradespace, I found the nice people at the Sales and Marketing Forum and I chatted to other people about their web experiences, and found many people who would share advice and what worked for them. I took part in a business card exchange and of the people that sent me cards was a graphic designer called Mark Ballantyne, he now has his own business forum – UK Business Labs .It’s one of my favourite places.

I was beginning to see many connections with people and many chances of working collaboratively. I decided at this point I was going to break out and actually have our own business blog instead of using ones in other forums!

We chatted to Mark Graves and he put us together the blog on The Courier Shop and a few months later, the blog on Arrow Light Haulage. In August this year I changed from a plain Kubrick theme to the dark and broodier road theme, I did try the blue skies open road theme, but that didn’t look too great!

The final delivery…

Well, when I started out on the road of web 2.0 I thought it had an end. But It doesn’t. I have added Zemanta reblogging tools, retaggr and loads of other widgets and grown from one experimental blog to 8 full on blogs

Our latest project is a blogsite called Freight Emergency, 2 years ago I had never heard of a blog!

I wonder what the future holds?  will it be delivery videos on you tube? podcasts of me twittering about delivery facts and figures? Viral games and Facebook widgets? who knows! but I am sure I will get round to it in the end!


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Transporting your rowing boat

Rowing boats are quite easy to transport via the roof rack of your car.

You have to have help lifting it onto the roof rack, and provide support down the sides, but generally you can move the rowing boats with ease, without a trailer.

We can also move these in the back of our luton vans. This service is ideal for those who want their boats without the hassle.

If the boat is fiberglass, make sure it’s going to sit upside on a padded surface, and has a strap or two to hold in place. Be careful not to over tighten or you can crack the hull.

We can deliver to your local marina, mooring or house, what ever option is easiest for you.

If you have a rowing boat or similar to move, give us a call and we will happily advise you of the options available.



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