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Cupcake Delivery: Delivering cupcakes safely

Over the last few weeks we have been in talks with various companies that produce cupcakes, and how to deliver

them. Up until recently, the safest and most secure way of delivery has been via same day courier, as it’s the only way to guarantee the cupcakes won’t be turned upside down during their journey to the customer. Sometimes the baker plain mistrusts the courier to complete safe delivery, and wastes valuable baking time delivering!

Unfortunately all that makes delivery very expensive for the people who hand bake and ice the cup cakes. For example, we would charge £15 per delivery / drops of cupcakes, minimum of 5 orders. This can make it too expensive for customers to buy.

Obviously there are still the marketing companies and companies who understand the powerful message that delivery by express courier send, but they have yet to embrace sending out baskets of designer cupcakes to their clients and potential clients….

The problem is, by sending the cupcakes the cheapest method possible means sending them by Royal Mail, and that means they may get bashed, and rotated a number of times before they arrive on the customers doorstep.

The solution is to prevent that, and the way to do that is through the creative use of packaging.

The original ‘cup a cake’ container was devised in the US for holding the cupcakes, their icing and keeping them fresh. Last week, I spoke to Kim at the Cup a Cake company and she said the containers can be shipped to the UK for around $100 to $150

So if you are looking to ship cupcakes around the UK, here is the solution for your airtight cup a cake containers. The cupcake company may have to take a deposit from the customer, and the customer promise to wash and return the empty containers so they can be re-used.

A small investment in the right packaging, and you can deliver cheaply and safely to your long distance customers.

We hope that helps with the safe dispatch of your cupcakes, we suggest you try it out with one or two local postings to be sure the method works to your satisfaction.

Here at Arrow Light Haulage, we have enjoyed getting creative and thinking outside the box (and right back in it) to solve your courier delivery problems with cupcakes.

Alternatively, you know where we are if you would like an express delivery quote.


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5 Steps for Preparing Your Boat for Transport

With the rise in internet sales for items such as boats and jet skis, boat transport has become more commonplace in recent years. Often, the people who buy boats online live out of state or even out of the country, which means the vessel must be transported to its destination.

Selling your boat online to someone that wants it shipped to him or her can seem like a daunting task. How do you prepare a boat for transport?

In case you have found yourself in such a predicament, here are some tips to help you get started. Read these 5 steps for preparing your boat for transport:

1. Remove or stow all gear and secure it in place. If there is a cabin or storage compartment, lock or secure the door. All electronics, horns, antennas, anchors, propellers, flag masts, lights, anchor lights, outriggers, wheels, masts, windshields that protrude, etc., must be removed, packed securely and securely stored. Also, disconnect the battery and secure it in place.
2. Drain all fluids from the boat or jet ski, such as fuel from the fuel tank or water from the bilge, air conditioner, or water pumps.
3. Tie or tape hatches or cabin windows down from the outside. If there is a leak, seal it so that rainwater does not leak in during transit.
4. Remove the canvas cover so that it does not rip or tear during shipping.
5. Double-check that nothing that can be removed is protruding from the boat. The boat will normally be shrink-wrapped by the transport company for added protection, and protrusions can cause the shrink-wrap to tear.


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Collecting and delivering a television set

By Same Day courier? By the parcel network? overnight delivery? Lots of choice, but which one is the best to courier your Television?

The Parcel networks, although the cheapest option, cannot take the weight of TVs. Even the new Plasma / LCD style screens come in over the cubic weight that a parcel carrier can take.

Another option is a overnight pallet service, where your TV would be strapped and shrink wrapped to a pallet and loaded, and transshipped several times before reaching you or your customer. This increases the chance of damage, and you never know for certain at what point that damage happened. 

We recommend that television collection and deliveries are an item that can be co-loaded onto a vehicle. This means that the vehicle has other items on it, there is a small risk of damage from the other items, but in the case of a correctly packaged TV set, that is minimal. We have never damaged one this way yet. Depending on the style of TV, depends on whether a two man team is needed. Our vehicles are equipped with sack barrows and tail lifts, so that only a huge boxed TV set would actually need two men, the rest can be delivered by our well trained drivers.

If you have bought a Television set from ebay and require us to package it for you, we can do that easily. We use recycled packaging, and we are happy to collect and deliver those large items like TVs and white goods, that are often just collect in person. Remember second hand good are not covered by courier insurance.

So, if it needs lifting and shifting, give us a call even if it’s just for free advice 0844 884 331 or 07816 528421.


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How to move a car / van / lorry engine.

Whilst there are no specific requirements when moving an engine, it helps to prepare the engine first. In theory you could remove it from a vehicle and ‘throw’ it in the back of a van and it would get to it’s destination in one piece.


Here’s how to do it properly…

It’s advisable to remove all liquids, prior to engine removal.
That includes all coolants and oils.

When it’s removed, using soft rags plug the holes left by the hoses and pipes – this prevents residues leaking in the van and staining / damaging the van floor.

Where possible place the engine onto a plastic pallet, this is so that it if there is any spillage it can be easily removed and the pallet used again. A wooden pallet in this instance isn’t re-usuable.


It may be worth wrapping the engine in recycled plastic sheeting for it’s journey.

Secure the engine to the pallet using metal or plastic straps.

Be very careful if you are looking to co-load an engine with food, cardboard, any porous materials as it can contaminate and damage other items in transit.


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Delivering satisfaction, from an envelope to an elephant

Delivering everything from an envelope to an elephant is a very powerful marketing phrase and it stays in peoples minds. When discussing website copy with Jeff at Rienne Business Consulting he suggested this line, but only if we had actually delivered an elephant…

Well actually, Arrow Light Haulage has delivered an elephant, not a living one, as couriers are not allowed to carry livestock, but a wire framed one for an artist client of ours.

The call came out of the blue, could we go and collect an elephant? If we hadn’t of known her, we would have thought it was a wind up! Could we collect a wire frame of an elephant?  Of course we could!

The artist was going to plaster to it and make it look lifelike as something that would go in the garden to surprise her family.

We got the dimensions, it was huge, but our since retired Luton could take items up to 17 feet high, at 16 feet the elephant just got in. The Elephant had to be carefully strapped to the sides, so that it didn’t slide and covered in felt blankets to protect it in case the unexpected happened.

200 miles later, it was delivered safe and sound, we had a few tricky moments unloading. It is awkward moving an elephant backwards onto the tail-lift but we will know for sure how to do it next time!

As to envelopes, we are delivering blueprints and documents all the time as part of our confidential delivery services. These services are often used by Essex based law firms, courts, doctors and architects.

Next time you read “we deliver everything from an envelope to an elephant”, don’t forget to ask about the elephant, and don’t forget we really have done it.

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Packing a Chandelier to send by post or a parcel company

Firstly, I wouldn’t send a chandelier by post unless I really had to, with a high value, fragile item I would always opt for a dedicated courier vehicle. These carry higher insurances and have nothing else on the vehicle except for your item, making it less likely to get damaged.

Sometimes, you need to send it via the post or an Essex, Kent, East London parcel company such as Arrow Light Haulage.  So to get it there in one piece, find a box big enough for the chandelier and the packaging.  You will need to remember if the item is over 25kgs it will need to be lifted by 2 people – HSE rules.

Wrap all the loose parts with bubble wrap and tape securely. Place gently onto a polystyrene base and then fill with polystyrene chips or popcorn. Place another polystyrene bad gently on the top of the Chandelier, taking care not to damage the item. before you secure the box, check that the item isn’t ratting around in the box, if it is add more chips and perhaps pad out with scrunched up balls of newspaper.

When the Chandelier is secure, tape the box closed and write on the box in marker pen, the address. Why not a label? because a label may get torn, or damaged and your item may get ‘lost’ in the system.

If you don’t want to pack it yourself, we can do this as part of our premium services. Just give us a call on and we will discuss how we can help you.


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