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The M25 today – cross between Ice Rink and Car Park

Thanks to @LynnTulip for the catchy title.

Today we were out delivering in the snow and the sleet and at one point the rain. As professional drivers we are equipped and experienced at driving in tough conditions. My advice –  stay in if it’s like this tomorrow.

Only Santa should be driving in this weather!

Merry Christmas


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#FF @BabsSaul a blog as to why you should.

As you know here at Arrow Light Haulage we rate our webmistress very highly, we treasure her and she is a valued member of our team. She now has such a deep understanding our our business, it’s goals and achievements that if anything happened to us, she could just slip into the driving seat and take over the business.

Last year we commissioned her to redo and brand the site, she worked on the blog first and that was featured in a great accolade to her skills and she only knew a fraction about us back then. We were also featured in another magazine and Babs worked on the advertisement that went with our story and revamped,  modernised our logo and sorted our branding out so it was consistent.

Since November 2008 she has had at least one website revision a week from my wife who changes her mind like the wind changes direction. The only constant was that Babs did the website. Sarah can be like a hurricane at times, blows right through your life and you are left with your house in tatters and the relief, exhilaration you survived the Hurricane without serious injury. My wife is very enthusiastic, supportive, dynamic and Babs has calmly and patiently put up with Sarah and gently steered her straight and the  same day courier website is just brilliant.

With the increased trend for branding that isn’t in your face, the new look site is clean, refreshing and uncluttered. Simple to navigate and shows our visitors who we are,  they can see from our video who they are dealing with and why they should do business with us. The branding is simple and exactly how Sarah likes it. Sarah isn’t finished tweaking it, and I hope Babs is sitting at home sipping a chilled glass of cider and deleting Sarah’s never ending stream of emails and continues steering us straight.

She is a huge huge inspiration to Sarah who idolises Babs like a sister (but she refuses to watch Strictly come Dancing just cos Babs does, phew) and has had a tremendous positive impact on our business.

Thank you Babs, your work is amazing. If you are on twitter, go and follow her, join in the conversation and get to know a very talented, gentle person with the patience of a saint.

Kevin Arrow

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Had Your Parcel Slung Over a Fence Lately?

I have just been reading this article from the Bournemouth Echo about a delivery driver and his off hand delivery manner. This is a first class example of a delivery gone bad, what’s more its in the local paper for all to see.

A PARCEL marked fragile was shot-putted over a six foot fence by a specialist delivery company, according to the furious man who received it.

Guy Penwarden, 50, of Churchill Road, Parkstone, said he only realised he had a delivery from City Link after going to investigate an mighty crash.

He told the Daily Echo he saw a delivery van heading off down the road, then discovered the battered parcel at the base of the fence.

He said: Despite the fact that all surfaces were marked fragile, it had clearly been shot-putted over the fence, and had smashed on the driveway.

Fortunately the contents were not a priceless gift, but tins of organic dog food for his pet Bruno, which arrived dented.

He said: It is all replaceable, but it makes me wonder how many other parcels are getting destroyed by City Link.

He added: I think it’s disgusting. Had it been a computer or something it would have been ruined.

He also questioned if the delivery driver had looked before dropping the 20lb parcel over the fence into the garden where his dog plays.

Source: Delivery man flung parcel like shot-put From Bournemouth Echo

Some questions remain unanswered – how did the driver obtain a signature for the parcel? How did he ’shot putt’ a huge box? Why leave it in the garden and not leave a collection card? If the customer heard the parcel crash, why didn’t the driver try the doorbell first?

I do wonder if the larger companies actually give their drivers some customer service training and explain just because they may not be in when the delivery takes place, it doesn’t give them the right to be less than professional with a parcel.

What exactly does driver training entail? Do large companies only focus on the driving aspect and not the delivery aspect? Safe and green driving practices are good but if you have to redeliver a damaged parcel then it’s not exactly effective.


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Fireworks: Delivering without the bang!

Fireworks are generally not allowed to be delivered by couriers.  And if we could deliver them, it wouldn’t be like these guys do it 🙂

And as one blog writer puts it here…

Quick quiz: If you are a professional truck driver, a good thing to haul is

a) jelly doughnuts
b) bunny rabbits
c) designer shoes
d) highly explosive fireworks

You need specialist training to deliver fireworks, and if you are using a courier to do this, check the small print before suggesting they do not need the training… if you wrongly suggest they can deliver the fireworks and they have an accident where do you stand with your corporate manslaughter liabilities?

Be very careful not to get caught up in the small loads small print of  8.2.3 of ADR Link how VOSA and other agencies interpret may be different from how you do. To be quite blunt, a white diamond symbol does not mean you can transport and deliver fireworks as a courier.

There are no fireworks in the UK that can be carried by road for hire and reward without the courier and all members of the vehicle’s crew having had at the very least “awareness” training.

For large fireworks loads (and even small loads of fireworks in Transport Category 1) full ADR training will is essential.

Don’t  get caught out this bonfire night, don’t endanger yourself when making your deliveries. Make your bucks without the bang!


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E-Juba, a new type of courier service

E-Juba is an electronic pigeon that is being trialed to courier medical samples to labs from remote locations in South Africa.

Clinics in remote areas of South Africa can only be reached on unpaved roads that are impassable in rain. Even in good weather, the trip to the nearest lab is a long one for the couriers, taxis, or ambulances transporting samples, producing long delays in diagnosing and treating diseases like tuberculosis.

“The implications of these delays are huge for the individual and for the community,” says project leader Barry Mendelow of the South African National Health Laboratory Service. “The patient is waiting for treatment, and in the meantime they could be passing on a very contagious disease.”

Electric pigeon

Inspired by carrier pigeons, the UAVs (uncrewed aerial vehicles) are designed to be launched from clinics and pilot themselves along a pre-programmed route to the nearest lab, using GPS and microelectronic gyroscopes to guide them.

They drop their cargo at a predetermined spot, or on directions from the ground, and return along their flight path. The UAV can land automatically, or under remote control by staff.

The pilot project has successfully test-flown two different UAVs originally designed for military surveillance. Both could launch, fly and drop dummy samples in wind speeds of up to 45 kilometres per hour.

The results come back by SMS text messages.

I wonder if similar applications could be used in the UK to deliver samples from remote areas of Scotland or Wales.


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