Courier Environmental Policy

We take out impact on the environment seriously, we always have.

Back in 2007 we won a business award for our awareness of environmental impact, one of the first couriers in the UK to do so.

We also won one for our use of science and technology.

We were early adopters of Satellite navigation technology, I recall meeting other couriers who thought it would never catch on, and years later they now use the very same technology. We use it because it saves time, which is also a precious commodity as well as providing a safer working environment for our drivers.

We use science and technology to make ourselves greener and we do a good job of it.

Courier Environmental policy:

  • Where our vehicles are parked, there is extensive greenery to help absorb emissions
  • Our current fleet is fueled by LPG
  • We do not waste fuel or time or anything else wherever possible
  • We recycle paper and use recycled paper
  • We invoice via email
  • We use Fairtrade products in the office
  • We turn lights off
  • Our drivers are provided greener driving training
  • Our drivers use greener driving techniques
  • We use the most appropriate sized vehicle for the job

Each day we do hundreds of little things that make us that bit greener and reduce our carbon footprint, we share our tips and best practices over on our blog – Courier blog, you are most welcome to subscribe but remember we blog about a wide variety of things.

We belong to professional networks that allow us to access a pool of similarly minded drivers, this means if we need additional skills and services our commitment to the environment isn’t diluted.

Our commitment to the environment doesn’t waver, only the technology used to implement changes.


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