Why your same day delivery courier should be doing more than just delivering

The business world is changing, with more competition than ever before and everyone cutting costs, trying to save that extra few quid, but are business owners going to far?

are they cutting back on the parts of their business that are essential to their future success?

Ok lets talk same day delivery courier or dedicated delivery courier work, a business that needs this type of delivery service should be looking at the courier company as an extension of their own workforce, just because its an outsourced part of the business it shouldn’t mean that they don’t represent the business when out there making collections and deliveries.

Recently Arrow Light Haulage tendered for some business that required us to work closely witch the tendering companies employee’s, this was a major consideration of the tender and something that we at Arrow are really comfortable doing.

But how many courier companies really and I mean really care?

Are they just picking up and delivering as quickly as possible to turn over a  few more bucks into their bank account?

Adecent courier company will understand as will their drivers that not only is it essential that communication is required and a smart and clean van and driver is required but that good attitude and relationship building all round is now what keeps business flowing, as I said at the start of this post competition is everywhere and a delivery driver with a poor attitude could be the tipping point between who continues to get the business.

Do a survey, send out a poll, ask your clients , hows the service are you happy with the delivery guys? if there are problems you may not know about them, they could be bubbling away under the surface of what seems a very stable business relationship, be pro active and look to improve.

At Arrow Light Haulage we take pride in working for our customers and always look to strengthen not only our relationship with our clients but to assist in strengthening their relationship with their clients, how do we do this? by giving a service which is second to none.

If you would like to give us a try feel free to call us on 0800 917 7084 we will be happy to chat over any requirements you may have or read more about us here.