What is a dedicated courier?

There are quite a few types of courier service available, and if you don’t know the difference you can find you are wasting time and making calls to the wrong companies.

A dedicated courier is similar to a same day courier, but your goods are on a dedicated vehicle. There are no other loads or goods on the van, and the driver collects and delivers directly. The drivers are very smart and the vehicles are unmarked.

Who would use a dedicated courier?

  • Solicitors / Legal firms with time sensitive documents
  • Companies submitting tenders to Local Authorities
  • NHS Trusts needing components and equipment moved fast
  • Manufacturers and supply chain solutions looking to avoid down time of production equipment
  • Clients looking for confidential deliveries
If you have purchased a fragile item, then it may be possible depending on the size and the weight of the item that you also need a dedicated courier. Fresh produce also needs this type of delivery service.
If you are not sure about the type of courier that you need, please ring around and ask some questions. Quite often you will be told by the companies you call what type of service you need.

How expensive are dedicated couriers?

How much a dedicated courier costs depends on certain variables such as distance travelled, toll roads and vehicle size. This type of service is a premium service because the items are very time sensitive. If something cost a few hundred pounds and was easily replace then sending it by Royal Mail would be the best option. If the item was irreplaceable then you send it by dedicated courier.

How does this service operate?

The driver that collects the item is the driver that delivers. There is no co-loading, no stopping, no mucking around with maps and finding directions. Everything from route planning to item security is planned prior to collection. As a customer, you would call and book the service, send email confirmation and make payment for the delivery. All the rest is handled by your delivery company. These types of couriers are best for rush jobs, time sensitive, and fragile freight.


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