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Delivering satisfaction, from an envelope to an elephant

Delivering everything from an envelope to an elephant is a very powerful marketing phrase and it stays in peoples minds. When discussing website copy with Jeff at Rienne Business Consulting he suggested this line, but only if we had actually delivered an elephant…

Well actually, Arrow Light Haulage has delivered an elephant, not a living one, as couriers are not allowed to carry livestock, but a wire framed one for an artist client of ours.

The call came out of the blue, could we go and collect an elephant? If we hadn’t of known her, we would have thought it was a wind up! Could we collect a wire frame of an elephant?  Of course we could!

The artist was going to plaster to it and make it look lifelike as something that would go in the garden to surprise her family.

We got the dimensions, it was huge, but our since retired Luton could take items up to 17 feet high, at 16 feet the elephant just got in. The Elephant had to be carefully strapped to the sides, so that it didn’t slide and covered in felt blankets to protect it in case the unexpected happened.

200 miles later, it was delivered safe and sound, we had a few tricky moments unloading. It is awkward moving an elephant backwards onto the tail-lift but we will know for sure how to do it next time!

As to envelopes, we are delivering blueprints and documents all the time as part of our confidential delivery services. These services are often used by Essex based law firms, courts, doctors and architects.

Next time you read “we deliver everything from an envelope to an elephant”, don’t forget to ask about the elephant, and don’t forget we really have done it.

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