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Delivering in London without getting a ticket

Part two of our guest blog from Nick Parkin owner of the Pimlico flats blog and community. Something we would all need to know, how to park in London and NOT get a ticket.

How to Deliver in London without collecting a ticket.

  1. Make it obvious you are loading/unloading – leave an empty cardboard box in a loading place. Having said all that – I did see a joiner cutting plywood from the back of his van, he cut a piece – took it in to nail it up and came out to find he was clamped! If you are present and loading a warden will probably speak to you instead of ticketing.
  2. For an easy life find a loading bay, or ask your delivery destination if they have a bay you can stay in temporarily.
  3. If you have no alternative but to stop illegally – be unobtrusive. If you double bank you will stand out for as far as there is a line of sight and draw wardens in from far and wide.
  4. If you have no alternative but to stop illegally – be inoffensive. If you block traffic, neighbours,  or are dangerous, you may face more than just a ticket.
  5. Check Doorways, the private parking wardens hide near commercial delivery points.
  6. Keep an eye out, in busy areas you may need to see your van every 60 secs. In quiet residential areas of central London the longest you can expect to survive illegally parked without a ticket is around 15 mins.
  7. Ask bystanders to watch your van for you, but be sure that you are within shouting distance.
  8. You stand a better survival chance close to the end of parking restrictions, and are most likely to be ticketed at 09:00 – 10:00.

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